Track Sends, Opens, Clicks, and More When Emailing Your Team

Improve employee communication with internal email tracking. Create and send internal communications from Outlook & Gmail, and get comprehensive internal email analytics.

Integrate with Outlook and Gmail

Send personalized, responsive HTML email newsletters directly from your Outlook or Gmail Inbox.

What you can do with ContactMonkey


Create email templates easily

Create stunning HTML emails with our drag-and-drop template builder.

Spice up your emails with GIFs, videos, clickable icons, and more.

Save time with our library of professional quality email templates.

Create email content in seconds with OpenAI’s ChatGPT3 integration.


Engage for productivity

Boost employee engagement using emoji reactions, pulse surveys, eNPS, anonymous comments, and more.

Collect employee feedback using your internal newsletter.

Strengthen your internal brand voice by giving your employees what they want.


Increase your reach

Integrate with Azure Active Directory or your HRIS such as Workday, ADP, SAP, plus more.

Send responsive HTML emails without leaving your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

Boost your open rate with personalized subject lines and copy.

Maximize your engagement by scheduling your email sends.


Track your success

Track Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Read Time, Opens by device and location, and more with your Campaign Dashboard.

Discover granular insights on best performing content, most engaged employees, and more with Reporting.


Send employee text messages

Reach deskless, dispersed, and frontline workers.

Deliver urgent updates to employees without corporate emails.

Provide a backup channel in case of email disruptions.

Streamline internal communications management.

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What our customers are saying

“We faced challenges with Mailchimp. We had to leave Outlook to use it, which was double the work to maintain distribution lists in both Outlook & Mailchimp”

Kate Kraley

Marketing Communications Specialist, Mettler Toledo

“It’s been really helpful to test and try various subject lines, experiment with what timings work best for reaching our audience and ensure we get maximum opens.”

Ashley Allen

Director Strategic Communications, Cimpress

“Pulse surveys, comments & ratings has allowed us to informally check in on our team without sending bulky engagement surveys.”

Corey Kachigan

Engagement & Communications Lead, Exemplis

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