Make your internal communication more effective with email analytics

Track opens, clicks, survey responses, locations, and more! Analyze individual or overall campaign results to identify your most engaged employees, departments, or offices.

Individual & Overall Tracking

Track email performance for individual employee emails or an overall campaign.

Internal employee email tracking by individual or overall campaign email analytics

Opens & Clicks Tracking

Measure email opens and link clicks to identify your most engaging and effective content.

Internal email open and clicks tracking

Location Tracking

Use location tracking to optimize your internal communications for different regions.

Location tracking of employee emails

Over 1,000 companies rely on ContactMonkey to connect their employees.

Employee Feedback

Get a dashboard view of employee feedback to measure employee engagement at an individual, department, or company level.

Employee feedback analysis and employee engagement measurement dashboard


Filter data and customize reports to view granular campaign analytics. Easily compare the performance of your campaigns over time to help you determine what works, what doesn’t, and how you can improve your newsletters.

Internal email custom reports and analytics

Segmented Email Stats

Filter your campaign statistics to determine employee engagement across departments, job titles, and office locations. (Available for Outlook users)

Segmented employee email campaign analytics

Read Time

Read time is the average time a recipient spends reading an email. Use read time to find out if the content of your email newsletter effectively engaged your employees.

Internal employee email read time analytics

Click Maps

Users can view the number of clicks and the click rate of various elements within the email such as CTA buttons, videos, images, and URLs. 

Click maps for internal emails and employee newsletters


We understand the power of seamless connections. We’ve developed a range of integrations that effortlessly bridge the gap between our platform and the HRIS platforms you already use. With our integrations, you can supercharge your workflow, enhance productivity, and manage your internal communications with ease.

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