Our Master List of Essential Hunting Accessories

If you enjoy hunting, then you’re going to love our article on the best hunting accessories. From portable smokers to accessories like calls and practice targets, this article has a good number of hunting products that will step up your hunting experience. Plus, you can easily purchase these items in Amazon.com.



Propane Smoker Reviews

Among the camping gear that people usually consider when they plan their trip is portable cooking equipment. Some would perhaps opt to go the old fashion way and burn branches and twigs to start an open fire for cooking. This, however, takes too much time and effort and is at the mercy of the weather and the conditions of the wood in your area.

The more effective choice is a portable propane smoker that can be set up quickly. This way, you do not have to waste time and you can heat up your food within a few minutes. Best of all, propane smokers work in any weather conditions. There are a number of brands that you can choose from at Amazon.com. Look for smokers that are lightweight, durable, and don’t require particular expertise to assemble.

With the many options out there, you want to take the time to find out which one is best for you. You might even find one that can cook your catch right there in the woods.


The Masterbuilt Compact Outdoor Camping Tailgating Portable Propane Smoker Grill

This stainless steel propane smoker has a push-button ignition and comes with three removable chrome plated grids. It is also safe to use when you are camping with your children as it has a “Sure-Lock” door system.

One of its best features is the ability to maintain low temperatures easily, maximizing the flavor of your meal without the risk of burning or ruining the meat.

The Portable Propane Smoker by Masterbuilt is perfect for smoking at home or on-the-go. There’s room to smoke a whole turkey or ham, slabs of ribs, or your favorite BBQ for tailgating. This portable smoker is ideal for camping or road trips.

This is a propane-powered product that’s excellent for either cold smoking or hot smoking. It’s also perfect for roasting. It can cook in temperatures up to 300 degrees.

Built for your convenience, the Bradley 4-Rack Smoker features easy to adjust dials and settings to adjust the smoke and temperature settings, helping you to fine tune your smoking.

This portable cooking equipment weighs no more than 23 pounds and can be easily stored in a carry bag. The Bradley Propane Smoker is great for tailgating or camping.

If you’re thinking of staying in a smaller camping area, this portable propane smoker is one of the best cooking equipment to bring. You can also use this smoker in your backyard at home.

Offering over 1.5 cubic feet of cooking capacity, the 30″ Outdoor Leisure Gas Smoker features 3 chrome-plated cooking grids, 1 powder-coated steel wood chip pan and a commercial-quality temperature gauge.

This smoker grill is made of stainless steel and uses a 1-pound propane cylinder. This portable equipment also comes with foldable legs for easy storage.



Hunting Game Calls

To improve your hunt, you also need a game call. Hunting calls are varied for different species. Each can generate the sound of the quarry that will drive the desired prey to the hunters. There are

Calls are available for squirrels, ducks, elk, turkey, deer, and bison among many other animals. Try any one of these on your next hunting trip:

This electronic game call is a high quality, affordable hunting accessory. It’s durable and easy to operate too. ICotec GC300 also features a 300-yard remote range, can make two simultaneous calls, and emits sound up to 120dB to capture the attention any prey in the area. It also just needs four A4 batteries to function properly.

The Primos Terminator Elk System has a large hose resonator, extra reed, and comes with a camo sleeve. It also includes a patented blue silicone reed. You can get real loud on this item as it produces a high sounding call. You can also turn the volume down if necessary. The best part is that it doesn’t require tuning.

This product has two main speakers that can rotate in any direction you want. It’s the right electronic call for you if you’re looking for louder volume. FOXPRO is also equipped with FoxFusion that has a 1000-sound storage capacity and can mix two different sounds. Further, it features FoxMotion that simulates moving prey.



Hunting Lures and Scents

Aside from the propane smokers for cooking, there are a couple of other useful accessories that hunters can carry with them and use when they get to their hunting grounds. Three accessories that will help you attract animals are hunting lures or scents and hunting calls.

Hunting scents are handy for luring your prey. However, you have to remember to use just the right amount so that the smell is not overpowering. Here are some of the hunting lures you can use to attract your game and make your hunting a success:

The Whitetail Deer Tarsal Gland Urine Lure by Harmon Scents has a fresh aroma that’s 100% pure and undiluted. It has been proven to be effective in attracting dear. It comes in a 2-ounce easy-to-spray bottle. This brand offers several kinds of lures but this type is considered as a premium lure, and its effecticeness is tried and tested.

The Tink brand makes one of the most exquisite scents to attract deer. It is inexpensive and comes in different sizes. It is great to use during any season and works well with the Tink’s Scent Bombs. The fantastic scent it gives out can calm the deer.  All you need to do is to sprinkle it on the ground and wait for about 30 minutes for the deer to come.

Acorns are one of the favorite foods of deer, and this product is a lure for them. Jackies Acorn Cover Scent is a 4-ounce pump spray containing a powerful smell that can mask the human odor. Early season bow-hunters often use it. Spray it around oak trees to cover odors and wait for your trophy to arrive.



Practice Targets

All the gear and accessories that you get for your hunting trip will not be of much use if you do not have the right skills to catch your prey. While waiting for hunting season to start, you can prepare your hunting gear and brush up on your hunting skills. Try using practice targets and ‘rehearse’ your hunting positions.

Here are the top three practice targets that will help you acquire the skills to put a deer down easy and fast:

This product can be used for a distance of at least 100 yards. This is actually the preferred distance from which to choose your prey. This item has several parts including the rifle gong target plate, frame cross bar, threaded hooks, and retaining pins. Don’t get intimidated by the list. This practice target does not require tools or equipment to assemble.

This product can give you options if you are preparing to hunt different types of animals. This comes with multiple sizes of self-adhesive practice targets. It is ideal for practice shooting at a distance of 200 yards using a long-range rifle with shotgun slugs or muzzleloaders. The bullet holes in these practice targets are yellow and highly visible. This item also comes with easy to repair corner plasters.

This item is made to resemble the appearance of deer. It is especially recommended for hunters and shooters. It is made of high-quality materials and has colors visible to the naked eye. The Champion Visicolor target is created with a multicolor guide that will help you identify specific hit locations.



Final Thoughts

Having high-quality firearms is not the only thing hunter’s need. Hunters need to shop for hunting gear, accessories, and apparels too. More importantly, they need to make sure that their hunting skills are not rusty.

Remember that safety is one of the keys to having the best hunting experience. The right equipment will help you achieve this. When you put together your hunting gear list, be sure to include cooking equipment like a propane smoker and accessories to ensure that you have game to hunt like lures or scents and game calls. You won’t have to wait a long time to put your hunting skills to test when you use these accessories.

When you are not hunting, take the time to check out your equipment and improve your skills.

Your will have a fun and enjoyable time in the field when you go hunting if you are properly prepared mentally, physically, and logistically. Hunting is a serious sport and you have to take the time to ensure that you have all the right skills and gear.