Beginner’s Guide to Bow Hunting with a Ghillie Suit

When it comes to gear, there’s plenty for them to choose from – but nothing poses a challenge, especially for beginners, quite like the use of a ghillie suit camouflage. While it allows for hunters to be more incognito, it can restrict movement a little, so knowing exactly how to wear and use it really matters. For that, we’ve got you covered.


How to Use Ghillie Suit in Bow Hunting

You can simply buy a ghillie suit or customize it to meet your individual hunting needs. The camouflage suit is a useful part of your arsenal, especially if you want to try hunting for prey up close. Beginners can choose from many different types available, there are also kits which would help you customize your suit.


Below are some helpful tips on how to use ghillie suits in bow hunting:

  •  Customize it. Since ghillie suits are customizable, you can achieve your personal preference. Some bow hunters remove the threads from the bow arm and chest area to feel more comfortable in hunting. Others might trim the ghillie material to the length they want. The key here is to make one that you’re fully comfortable moving around in without compromising the suit’s actual purpose.
  •  Bow Hunting with a Ghillie SuitGet creative. Having a clear view is important and this can be difficult when it comes to the design of your suit. As much as possible, keep your face area free of any obstructions. You will need to do some tweaks to your suit for this or perhaps add more material that keeps you out of sight, but allows you to see through them.
  •  Improve on the design. Two things. First, keep things tight. If your suit makes a lot of noise when you walk around, you might need to start trimming its length or lessen its weight. Second, it is always beneficial to integrate bits of the natural environment onto your suit whenever you go out. Some grass and dirt won’t hurt, and would also effectively mask your scent.
  •  Hiding exposed skin. Last, but not the least, make sure you’re fully camouflaged. Opt for camo boots and make sure any exposed skin is blended well with the ghillie suit. Remember, animals have much keener senses that we do, and this is something you shouldn’t underestimate when hunting.

Ghillie suits can make you virtually invisible if you use them properly. However, customization varies depending on the personal preferences of bow hunters.


Advantages of Bow Hunting With Ghillie Suit

Red Rock Ghillie Suit BuyCamouflage does play a big role in successful hunting. You wear camouflage in order to conceal your presence, and make it easier for you to get your prey. Today, many bow hunters make use of ghillie suits to effectively blend in with their natural environment.

Ghillie suits provide hunters ultimate concealment by creating a three dimensional effect and human outline distortion. The suit’s outer layers are made of synthetic thread or natural jute to create shading. It also increases color contrast level of your camouflage pattern.


Difficulties of Bow Hunting With Ghillie Suit

The only challenge of wearing ghillie suit in bow hunting is the type of material you choose. For instance, every material varies in color pattern, comfort level, and smell. As we’ve established earlier, how you feel while wearing the suit is also key to how successful your hunt would be. If you’re constantly shifting around in it or if it’s cause a distraction so you’re unable to give your full attention to the task at hand then you NEED a new suit.

Remember, the suit itself is also part of your hunting arsenal. If you keep your gear properly maintained, then the same kind of care is required for the suit. Lastly, do keep in mind that there are regulations you need to understand in when it comes to bow hunting. Safety regulations are a must-know especially if you’re still a beginner. Research everything beforehand and find out more about how to properly use the suit while you’re out in the field.


Choosing the Right Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suit Bow Hunting

Among hunters, the ultimate question is how to find the perfect ghillie suit that fits their needs. It’s not easy because there are many types of suits such as jacket-pant- combinations and ponchos. But all of these types include hood or head covering which are all meant to conceal your face. The most essential factors you need to consider before buying your ghillie suit, however, are the pattern, comfort, and scent.

Hunting takes time so hunters need to stay at their chosen hunting location for quite a length of time. To make the experience favorable for them, comfortable ghillie suits must be used. You also need to be able to move freely, especially when targeting the game. Any distractions can lead to unnecessary movements which may scare away your target. In other words, comfort is the number one factor when choosing a ghillie suit.

When it comes to the material, synthetic thread makes a lighter ghillie suit than the jute thread. In warmer months, you can choose synthetic suits which are much easier to move around in. However, keep in mind that jute thread smells natural as they are made from the plant. So, in terms of camouflaging your scent, it may not always work the best. Aside from that, there’s also a tendency for it to develop mildew if you happen to let moisture build up on it.

Just like other apparel, color pattern is another important factor to consider. For hunting suits, this is even more important as it provides maximum concealment. The most common color pattern for ghillie suits are leafy green, woodland, mossy, and desert.


Best Selling Ghillie Suits on Amazon

There are plenty of ghillie suits offered on the market today. To make your search easier, here’s a review of the two best-selling ghillie suits on Amazon:

Kamo Basix Woodland Ghillie Suit

Best Ghillie Suits for Bow HuntingThe 5-piece Kamo Basix includes a carry bag, hat, jacket, riffle wrap, and pants. It’s a premium camouflage ghillie suit featuring a woodland design that would blend in naturally with that particular environment. There are two sizes available: medium/large for men with height between 5’7” and 6” tall, and the extra-large for 6” to 6’5” tall. This ghillie suit is lightweight and comfortable to wear in any hunting environment.

With ultimate camouflage design, bow hunters can easily hide in the woods, forest, thick brush, bushes, and trees. This ghillie suit is also great for any type of hunting, airsoft, photography, and paintball. Here are the features of this item:

• camouflage carry bag
• woodland camouflage pattern
• snap-button jacket
• adjustable draw string waist
• snap-button ankles
• rifle wrap
• full-face veil

Adults Woodland Camouflage Ghillie Suit

The all-new Adults Woodland Camouflage Ghillie Suit is perfect for war games, Halloween, and bow hunting. It’s one of the more affordable options for woodland camo ghillie suits. The package includes the pants, jacket, rifle wrap, and hood. The length of the jacket is 30 inches while the pants is 42 inches. The inner mesh net is breathable and comfortable even in any location. The flexible cuffs and waist are suitable for all types of hunters.

The dead grass design is made of strings with good concealment feature. It can effectively break up human figure and disguise you while in the hunting field. You’d be glad to know that it can be hand washed, and features a lightweight polyester fabric that is both durable and effective.

This ghillie suit is also rustle-free and quiet to use. It’s the perfect getup for bow hunting of any game. Check out the following specifications of each piece included in the package:

• Jacket – 30 inches in length, with 5 snap-buttons, and flexible waist and cuffs
• Pants – 42 inches in length, flexible waist range of 12 inches to 24 inches
• Hood – full face and head covering, see-through face veil
• Rifle – elastic loop ends to easily wrap rifle guns


Bows Suited for Bow Hunting

When it comes to bow hunting, there are different types of bow to choose from. To help you in choosing the best fit for your needs, here are some of the things you must consider when buying one for this specific purpose:

  •  Choose the bow that’s comfortable for you and meets your unique needs. For example, if you’ve been hunting before and is looking for an upgrade, you can get the bow that suits your skills and level of experience.
  •  For complete beginners, start off by finding the basic model for easy grips and use.
  •  Recurve bows are among the most popular types of hunting bows today. It offers a short firing range, but gives a solid punch from that distance. This is great if your particular hunting style makes use of this method a lot.
  •  Of course, you need to consider your budget when buying a new bow. See what your pocket can afford. Recurve bows are not really expensive so they are also great choices for people who want a good buy for their money, or if you’re just starting out the hobby and want something basic to use.

Hunting for the best bows in the market today can be a daunting task. List down what you’re looking for in a bow and do some research before heading to the shops. Arming yourself with knowledge can also make choosing easier to do.

Remember the key factors: COMFORT, EFFICIENCY, and PRICE.


Types of Hunting Bows

  •  Recurve Bow – this was historically used in the early times by horsemen. But the modern versions today are used during Olympic events.
  •  Compound Bow – this has innovative systems of pulleys, cables, and eccentric cam to help hunters hold a heavier draw weight. To properly draw this bow, you will need more strength. More often than not, this is used by advanced hunters since it has inherent complexity.
  •  Longbow – this is a simple type of bow, but features a much longer and slightly curved wood. It’s not easy to aim unlike modern bows like the recurve bow.
  •  Crossbows – this type is drawn using a crank system and works like a firearm. It has shorter firing range and requires heavy draw weight in order to perform like the recurve and compound bows.


Bottom Line

Going out hunting unprepared can lead to an unsuccessful trip or in some cases, may even lead to accidents. It is best that you have the right gear for your needs, and know exactly how to use them. Knowledge is an important part of your arsenal. In order to avoid any mistakes, choose the right equipment and test everything before the real deal. This helps you get acquainted with how each feels and allows you to properly strategize, making you more prepared for what might happen while you’re out in the field.