A Comprehensive Guide to Camouflage or Ghillie Netting

When it comes to hunting accessories, camouflage nets are the best things available for setting up a basic base of operations. These sheets of camouflaged material are made with decorated synthetic materials, rags, shredded fabric, and other natural materials to provide maximum cover to hunters.

They differ in colors, shapes, blurred edges, textures, and patterns. With the information in this guide, you will know how to use a net in your next hunting expedition.

So what are camouflage nets and how can you benefit from them?

Uses of Camouflage Netting

Woodland Camouflage NettingCamouflage or ghille nets are designed to provide camouflage cover to people and their gear. These are readily adaptable to any type of environment while it can also match spring gobbler suits. In order to keep concealed from the poachers and wild animals, ghillie netting naturally covers up with fabric patterns of traditional kilts. You can even add some extra vegetation on top of your netting to ensure maximum concealment.


The kilts are probably the first camouflage suit in the world. It ultimately gave  people the ghillie suit that is used today. During the early days, clans would make their own kilts using unique colors and patterns. They use mineral and plant dyes to color the fabrics with yellow, green, blue, black, and brown yarn. Essentially, it created camouflaged woven blankets which were dyed and accessorized using native vegetation.


The main use of ghillie netting is to hide hunters from their prey or target game. With the appropriate color pattern, it’s easier to get unnoticed inside the hunting area. It also makes the overall hunting experience more exciting and successful. So if you want to get a clean kill, ghillie nets are an essential tool in hunting. You can conveniently buy them online with wide variety of designs to choose from.


How to Set Up Ghillie Nettings in Different Environments

Camouflage netting for huntingWhether you are using ghillie netting for hunting, airsoft, paint ball, military training or other recreational activity, it’s important to understand the proper ways of setting them up in different environments.

The net should be quality made and dyed in dark color. If you are living near the coast, you can easily find a net for your ghillie setup. If not, you can go to the nearest craft shop and buy your own fishing net. Decorative fishing nets are typically big enough in creating a ghillie net. But if you want and you know how to weave a net, you can do so.


Cutting the strips is the next step. Get a burlap fabric that is lightly dyed brown or the one with matching color pattern with the environment you plan to hunt in. For an effective camouflage, pick the right colors, patterns, and textures for 100% concealment. The burlap should be shredded in order to produce more visual effect. If you are setting up a camouflage net in snowy area, you can use a dirty white fabric with extra white tee shirts. Cut the fabric or burlap into strips with 1 foot length and 3 inches width.


Next is to tie the strips onto your net. The overhand knot should be used to attach each strip to your ghillie net. For a fuzzier appearance, you can pick the burlap strips apart and shred them. If you will add leaves, be sure to use a darker thread when tying the stem to the netting. Just attach the materials on the net’s one side because the other will be concealed.


It’s essential when setting up a ghillie net to use natural materials. Strips of tree barks such as cedar, poplar, and paw paw can help create a more concealing camouflage net. Tie the dried leaves onto the net for a perfectly accessorized netting. If you will be using the net in grassy location, you can add raffia material because it looks like dead grass blades and is durable. Don’t forget to bring a roll of thread in your pocket to easily sew in extra materials to the net.


Setting up a ghillie netting in hunting environments can be daunting. There may be tear in the net that you need to repair from time to time. This is why you always need to keep a roll of thread in your hunting kit. You can use a square knot to tightly rejoin the cut and torn sections. For larger camouflage panels, you can use two nets.


Different Environments for Ghillie Nets

Best Camouflage netting for campingThere are different environments where you can use ghillie suits and netting. You can hide in wheat fields or leafy vegetation. The important thing is to customize your ghillie net according to the environment you will use as location. A ghillie netting that is designed based on the type of field you will blend in will help you become safe and sound outdoors.


The color pattern and additional materials of your camouflage netting depends on the color of the environment where you want to go hunting.  For instance, you can use live foliage if you’re going to a lush forest or dead foliage if you will hunt along the woods. Ghillie nets are pre-made in different colors so you can adjust on the environment you plan to go. Dying the burlap or twine may be necessary when customizing your netting.


Survival in the Wilderness

Hunting is an exciting outdoor activity that requires survival skills. If you don’t know how to take your enemy down, they can be a threat to your life. The use of ghillie netting will help you hide in the wild. You can simply fling the net over a box of gear or put it around the shoulder when stalking. Or while waiting for the gobbler, you can lay the net over your legs or knees. The uses of a ghillie netting are numerous.


In the hunting ground, you can lay down in a lower spot and cover yourself with the net. It would be difficult for people to find out that you’re there, unless it’s a wild animal with sharp sense of smell. There might be plenty of camouflage suits available on the market today with blurred outline and shaggy edges, but only a few suits can match the patterns, shapes, and edges of a quality ghillie netting. And that is your weapon of survival in the wilderness.


Aside from ghillie suits and netting, you also need headgear and boots to complete your camouflage getup. Just like the suit, you can add some natural materials to your shoes and headgear so that you will get maximum cover from your prey and poachers. Some hunters even use gloves to hide exposed skin which can scare away wild animals. Lastly, adjust your scent to the environment to avoid vulnerability to the game. Plant fibers and other natural materials can help you remove your human scent.


Best Camouflage Netting for Beginners

  1. Desert Camouflage Netting by Iunio


This desert style camouflage netting sold by Iunio is one of the best desert nets you can find as a beginner, its simple color scheme means it will blend in well with most arid environments. The real benefits come from the quality of the net, in terms of weight, ease of packing and compact design, there is no match for nets from Iunio.

  1. NINAT Woodland Camouflage Netting


This woodland camouflage netting is one of our more premium products recommended here, if quality is a must and you’re looking to use a net for extended periods of time without the colors fading then this is the net you need. It comes in a wide range of sizes and has cords for packing and transporting included in the design of the net. Because of the colors used, this net is most effective when used in areas with light barked trees like birch and pine.

  1. Woodland Camouflage Netting bu Iunio


This is the woodland version of Iunio’s camouflage netting line, featuring all the benefits previously mentioned in the desert model comparison, this is another net that is highly recommend for beginners.



The exact color, pattern, texture, shape, and size of ghillie nettings are important factors to keep in mind when buying the product. For more effective concealment, you can choose to customize your net. Other natural materials can also be added while using the netting in the field.

But above all, the quality of the ghillie netting is the most important thing to consider for more flexibility and maximum concealment. You can try the NINAT Woodland Camouflage Netting while hunting if you need the perfect ghillie netting in your outdoor activities.