Desert Ghillie Suit Reviews

Before you start looking for a ghillie suit suitable for arid conditions, there are a couple of things that you should know to look for in your new desert ghillie suit. First make sure the fiber used in the construction of the suit is both lightweight and breathable, secondly match the design of the suit for the environment you are looking to spend the most time in.

Snow Ghillie Suit Reviews

A ghillie suit that is designed to be used in winter or snowy climates is different in many ways from one designed for woodland or desert conditions. The most obvious difference is of course the camouflage itself, placing an emphasis on the whites and greys of arctic environments, but a winter ghillie suit should always be a size or two larger to allow for the wearer to have warmer clothes on underneath.

Ghillie Suit Hunting

There are a lot of things to consider when using a ghillie suit for hunting. Hunters who are new to ghillie suit hunting can fall into the trap of believing that simply wearing the ghillie suit is enough to improve their hunting efforts. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, read more about how to use ghillie suits while hunting by clicking here to go to the full article.

Ghillie Suit Hunting

Buy Ghillie Suit A lot of hunters new to ghillie suit hunting wonder why ghillie suits are even needed. A lot of hunters do not feel the need for using a camouflage suit whilst they are hunting since most animals are color blind.

Nevertheless, ghillie suits have gained a lot of traction through the years due to the various advantages they offer to those who understand how to use them.

Below is a brief discussion on what are ghillie suits, where to get them, and how to choose the right one for your next hunting expedition.

If you are looking for more information on ghillie suits designed for specific terrain then be sure to have a look at our reviews of snow ghillie suits and desert ghillie suits

Assembling a Ghillie Suit

For those who do not want to buy a premade ghillie suit, making one is actually a viable option. Making a ghillie suit is a very personal experience since it will involve a lot of time, effort, and patience to make.

It is not advisable for a beginner to make their own ghillie suit, you will learn far more about what styles and materials you prefer by using professionally made suits until you find the features you value the most.

The reason why most beginners are discouraged from making their own ghillie suit is because they probably do not have the experience necessary to know what they even need.

Take note, however, that assembling a ghillie suit takes a lot of time and effort.

Some ghillie suits take months to create and beginners might find themselves more than a little bit frustrated, given the amount of effort, skill, and materials needed to create a ghillie suit.

Ghillie Suit Kits

Ghillie suit kits are the best go between for people who are looking for a premade ghillie suit but want a little bit of wiggle room for customization.

The ghillie suit kit basically allows a hunter to assemble their own ghillie suit with little to no hassle. However, ghillie suit kits are still a notch down compared to the handmade ghillie suit.

Consider getting a fire retardant ghillie suit Ghillie suits are often made from flammable materials such as jutes or burlap.

Buying a ghillie suit that is made from a flame retardant material can greatly increase the life of the suit. It also reduces the risks of unwanted mishaps like the entire suit going up in flames.

Flame retardant ghillie suits often see field use in the military. Military men make sure that their ghillie suits are flame retardant to resist substances such as white phosphorous.

What Kind of Hunters use Ghillie Suits?

A wide variety of different hunters use ghillie suits. Again, some of the first hunters to have ever used ghillie suits were from Scotland. Using the ghillie suit allowed them to blend in with the environment whenever they went hunting for deer. Military Ghillie Suit Woodland

Today, the ghillie suit is an extremely popular choice for bow hunters. The reason why bow hunters love ghillie suits is because it helps them avoid detection from their game.

Unlike hunters who use guns, bow hunters have to get really close to their target, given the bow’s inherently limited range and its projectile’s travel time.

Some hunters however, find little to no point for using a ghillie suit. A ghillie suit is not usually that helpful for hunters who use hunting rifles because of the effective range and accuracy of their weapon. In fact, a lot of hunters prefer to use high visibility jackets when hunting using a rifle.

Most of them feel that a ghillie suit is an unnecessary burden due to how most animals are color blind anyway. To them, there is no point in blending with the background using foliage.

So why use a Ghillie Suit?

It is true that most snipers in the military use a ghillie suit’s color to help them blend in with the environment.

The idea is similar to a chameleon. Chameleons can change their color in order to blend in with the background, depending on the environment that they live in.

The foliage also plays an important role. Using natural foliage helps a person blend in, and remain undetected. When the human eye scans the field, it usually does not pay any attention to small or minute details that may distinguish a human being.

For hunters, a ghillie suit helps improve their stealth capabilities. The first thing a hunter needs to realize is that most animals have a different set of eyes from human beings.

Having their eyes mounted on the sides of their head means they can easier perceive threats approaching them. This kind of ocular arrangement gives an animal a near 360 degree view of their surroundings.

The increased view range brings with it the downside that these animals have a very poor sense of depth of field. The poor ability to perceive depth of field is one of the points that ghillie suits take advantage of the most.

A hunter covering themselves in all the grass or foliage makes it extremely difficult for an animal to distinguish the hunter’s outline from the environment.

For most intents and purposes, a well-disguised hunter who places himself perfectly and stays still is invisible to their target.

Hunting with ghillie suits may seem like a new or novel idea for some hunters, but they have in fact been in use for quite a while now and anyone who wants to take their hunting seriously will do well to gain a little bit of experience in learning how to use them.


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