The Best Snow Ghillie Suit

Best winter ghillie suitIf used the right way, the ghillie suit can prove to be the ultimate camouflage gear for armed forces. However, civilians can also use them for purposes such as hunting, photography and war games.

Given that this can be considered as a niche item, it can be quite tough to look for material that will help you locate the best ones in the market.

A Snow ghillie suit is specially designed to offer the highest level of effectiveness in snowy areas or tundra.

The best snow ghillie suit will provide the best camouflage in snowy areas. Are you wondering which products are the best at the moment? This article will review two of the best snow ghillie suits available in the market today.

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Red Rock Gear Snow Ghillie Suit

This suit from Red Rock Gear is designed to be suitable for any serious hunters or photographers looking to do work in snowy areas. According to the company, this five piece suit is designed to provide the ultimate 3D concealment, allowing you to blend into the snowy surroundings with ease. Snow Ghillie Suit

The five pieces of the suit are the following: jacket, pants, hood, gun wrap, and stuff sack. This complete package ensures that you (and even your equipment) are effectively hidden from the view of the untrained eye.

Using this snow ghillie suit whilst you are hunting will give you an advantage that you would otherwise not have had and may give you a much needed advantage over your quarry.

The suit is made using 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This ensures a construction that is both lightweight and breathable, two departments where ghillie suits traditionally have problems with.

The camouflage, made using imported materials and features a three dimensional construction, is designed to replicate the natural surroundings of the Arctic.

The details are what make this suit the golden standard in hunting ghillie suits.

The jacket is equipped with a snap closure front for a secure fit and an elastic waist band that accommodates the use of layered clothing. The pants use a combination of an elastic waist and a drawstring for a customizable fit that provides comfort and ideal sizing for its user.

The hood features a drawstring chin strap for a customizable fit and it adequately covers both the head and neck. The gun wrap is elastic and large enough to cover an average-sized shotgun or rifle. All these items can be fitted into the included stuff sack.

Because of its expansive features and relative user-friendliness, this winter ghillie suit from Red Rock Gear has enjoyed many positive reviews. It is not as hot and heavy as the other ghillie suits are, even if it looks extremely bulky. It also covers your full body including your equipment, so the camouflage really helps you blend into the surroundings.

If there is a major disadvantage to this product, it is that you got to prep it before you can use it. Simply brushing the tangles out before you begin using the suit is enough to prepare it most of the time.

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Ghillie Suits Adult Camouflage Snow Ghillie Suit Kit

Designed for adults, this snow ghillie suit takes pride on being a professional-grade camouflage system without being too expensive. Designed to blend into snowy scenery with ease, it is recommended for use in hunting, war games, and other similar activities. It is also a great item to use for other purposes such as Halloween and costume parties.Winter Ghillie Suit

While the product is only available in one size (the jacket is 30 inches long and the pants are 42 inches long), it has some features that can help create a customized fit for a wide range of people. The jacket has five snap buttons in the front and elastic wrists and waist.

As for the pants, the waist has an elastic design with a range of 12 to 24 inches. The hood covers the head and face and has a see-through face veil for visibility. Completing the package is a gun cover that can camouflage average-sized rifles. Completing the package is a camo carrying bag that can be used for transporting the suit when not in use.

The reviews for this white ghillie suit are a bit of a mixed bag. One of its biggest strengths is its value for money. If you are looking for a starter-level ghillie suit that can be used for recreational purposes as well as outdoor activities such as hunting, this product will do just fine.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of this product is that its level of quality is not at-par to those military-spec suits, but this suit is not really marketed for that. As long as you manage your expectations, this product is going to work well for you.


Those are just some of the best ghillie suits designed for snowy environments. Whether you are preparing for a costume party or you are going to hunt for some snow-bound game, these snow ghillie suits will provide you with what you need. Combining quality and value for money, these products are currently the best of what’s available in the market today.