Finding the Best Desert Ghillie Suit

Best desert ghillie suitA properly designed desert ghillie suit will provide you with unparalleled camouflage in the environment in which the suit is designed for. Made using a combination of natural and synthetic materials, the whole point of a ghillie suit is for the wearer to effectively blend into the surroundings.

Traditionally, these items are only reserved for warfare use, but there are now suits made available for civilian use such as hunting and costume parties. If you are looking for the best desert ghillie suit available for your purposes, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind when looking at different products.

Our research has shown us that across the board, the Ancheer ghillie suit and the Red Rock Gear ghillie suit are suitable for a wide range of activities and are perfect for beginners looking to get their first ghillie suit.

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Ancheer Ghillie Suit 3D Camouflage Lightweight Military Sniper Clothes

Best Desert Ghillie Suit for Bow HuntingThis desert ghillie suit from Ancheer is designed with the hunting enthusiast in mind.

Specifically designed for use in arid conditions, this desert ghillie suit provides 3 dimensional camouflaging for a realistic and highly efficient desert camouflage.

This is made possible by the use of realistic-looking synthetic fibers that seamlessly blend into the surrounding area.

As for the fibers, they are double stitched to minimize the shedding that is normally experienced in ghillie suits. Completing the camouflage specs are double printed tassels that makes it even easier to move through the environment without startling your quarry.

One of the great features of this desert suit from Ancheer is how comfortable it is to wear, aiding this is a lightweight construction. Overall, the suit weighs in at just 0.95 pounds. This not only makes the suit easy to wear, but it also makes the ghillie suit easy to store and carry around.

It also utilizes a combination of mesh polyester and nylon rope fabric that provides maximum breathability, ideal for staying comfortable even it the hot desert weather. You can also easily wear undergarments underneath for more comfort.

For a comfortable fit, most of this product’s parts feature an adjustable fit. The waist, cuff, and ankles are elastic, making it easy to fit on different body types. The jacket features a snap front, and the hood has an adjustable drawstring tie.

There are many advantages for hunters and photographers who use this product. For example, its versatility is simply off the charts. More than just being a ghillie suit for hunting, it can also be used for a wide range of purposes such as Airsoft and wildlife photography.

Its breathability makes it super comfortable, which is essential considering that you will be using this product on the desert. The camouflage is also deemed by its users to be largely effective. Perhaps the only disadvantage it has is it’s not really a combat-grade suit.

Red Rock Gear Ghillie Suit

Best Desert Ghillie SuitPossibly the most popular desert ghillie suit on the market, Red Rock Gear has brought out suits for just about any kind of environment. Their desert ghillie suit has all the traits that made the other Red Rock Gear suits very popular.

It all starts with a lightweight yet durable polyester construction. The suit is lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear, due to the quality and stitching of the fabric. It also comes with a 3-dimensional design that gives it superior camouflaging properties.

In contrast to other suits that use the one-size-fits-most strategy, you are able to to select your own size with Red Rock ghillie suits. There is a standard option and there is an XL option. Regardless of what size you choose, this suit still has features that allow you to customize the fit according to your needs.

The jacket features a snap closure front and an elastic waist line. The pants feature a combination of an elastic system and a drawstring at the waist. The hood, which covers your full head and neck, has an adjustable drawstring. All these features combine for a fit that best suits your body.

Because of the multiple features this suit has, it is one of the best ghillie suits for desert use. The availability of 2 sizes combined with adjustable features mean you can have the fit that provides you with maximum comfort and mobility. Staying comfortable and mobile is a must when you are out there on the field.

The breathable mesh material used in the product is also an important feature. Wearing a ghillie suit made with breathable materials means that you will be able to remain comfortable in hot conditions. One downside to this suit is that it is possible for the material to become tangled if not properly taken care of. However, all those tangles go away with just some brushing.

At the moment, those 2 products are the most recommended ones for those looking for a desert camouflage suit. For most purposes, you cannot go wrong when choosing either one of them.